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Speed Reading Software Reviews

There seems to be a mind-boggling selection of speed reading software on the market.  Here are some factors to keep in mind when you're looking for a piece of speed reading software.

  • The Method of Teaching

Some pieces of software make you do pointless exercises that involve watching cartoons move around your screen.  Try to choose one that uses actual wordsÖ.the only way to improve your reading speed is to practice reading.

  • The Software must be challenging

Never ever buy a piece of speed reading software that doesnít test your reading speed before you begin.  You need something that assesses your skill level and challenges you accordingly

  • Software should allow for multiple users

If youíre making an investment in a piece of software it should be able to track the progress of several people, so that your friends and family can reap the benefits as well.

  • Should be approved by education professionals

Anyone can put together a piece of software and claim that theyíre an excellent speed reading teacher, but what are their real qualifications.  Before you spend your time and money on a piece of software make sure itís endorsed and approved by education professionals.

  • Shouldnít be too expensive

While I would argue that speed reading is a priceless skill, the software should fit within your budget.  Donít spend over $25.00 for softwareÖitís just not necessary

I tried just about all of them and was, by and large, disappointed with the results.  Here's the results of my countless hours of trial and error.

Speed Reading Software Reviews:

EyeQ- $250.00  It just doesn't have the features, or the flexibility that a quality piece of speed reading software should have epecially for the price.  The version that I used didn't adjust to your reading speed so there was a point where it was making me read slower than my actual reading speed.  I also wasn't a fan of their lessons.  They don't focus on reading enough.  Each session is 7 minutes, and about 3 of them are spent making you watch a tennis ball bounce around the screen, or looking at pictures flash in front of you.  I'm sorry...but I thought some of the exercises were dippy.  I worked at a photo lab...I saw thousands of pictures.  It didn't make me read faster.

I got a call not too long ago from a customer who had ordered EyeQ and Speed Your Read.   She let her niece use EyeQ and let her granddaughter use Speed Your Read.  Her niece got jealous, and switched to Speed Your Read after a couple of lessons with EyeQ.

FReader (readingsoft.com)- $19.95  I donít know about this one.  The free demo didnít work, and the software didnít come with any guarantee so I decided to skip it.  They also don't have a single testimonial on their page, and they said their sale offer expired in 2004.  I just didn't trust them with my credit card number.

e-speedreading.com's visiontrain- $29.95 Ė This is one of the first ones I tried.  Itís affordable, but it doesnít provide any tests, and flashes pictures instead of working with actual words.  I don't know how many people have called us, frustrated, after they bought this software...it just doesn't work.  A complete waste of time and money.

Rocket Reader- $100-400.00 Ė Itís actually a nice piece of software, but it doesnít allow you to add your own text and I was stuck reading The Red Badge of Courage over and over again (it hadn't improved since I read it in 8th grade)  plus itís expensive.  I maxed out at about 500 words a minute with this one.

Mindtools- $19.95.  This one isnít actually software, itís an ebook, but I decided to include it this list because itís got a top Google ranking.

Turbo Read (about) $52.00 (credit cards are billed in South African Rands)- It does have a guarantee, but it doesnít let you add text.  It also ships from South Africa and that costs a bundle.

Ace Reader $24.95 Basic version doesnít allow you to add text, and is missing a lot of the basic features of any good speed reading program (allows only one user, doesnít test basic reading speed etc.).  The professional version looks more promising, but costs $49.95.  It is Mac compatible.

Speed Your Read- $14.95- In my completely unbiased opinion (not really..I do own the company) I really think this is the best product on the market.  We researched, we tested, we tried out a number of different speed reading methods and put together Speed Your Read.  We made sure it has all the features you would find in more expensive pieces of software, and some ones that you won't find anywhere else.  It's simple, easy to follow, and cuts right to the chase.   It allows for multi-user access, has lots of self tests, works with your skill level, and allows you to add text that youíll find interesting.  It also comes with free ebooks to help improve your memory, and study skills.

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